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Saas-Fee, a true Swiss mountain village experience

The picturesque car-free village lies on a high plateau 1800 metres above  sea level at the foot of the highest Swiss mountains, the Mischabel chain. The breathtaking mountain scenery is a wonderful playground for snow sure winter activities and sunny summer mountain experiences.

An intact countryside with its wild streams  and manifold flora, hike- and bike trails, tennis courts, golf courses 9 holes with a golf driving range. Summer ski, freestyle park with half pipe, cannoning und much more Saas-Fee has to offer. All this, nestles between glaciers and surrounded by a majestic mountain world contribute to an unforgettable and relaxing stay.
Eventful history
The Saas Valley  looks back over a very long and eventful history. Romans, Celts and Sarazenen occupied the Saas  Valley.  The living conditions in the rough environment were difficult in this time.  The religion helped a lot to the people. Many traditions and customs from earlier days have been preserved
The first towns in the Valais were founded by the Romans, and a pass through the Saas Valley for trade with Italy probably existed already in those days The Saracens invaded the Valais in 939 Many names of places and mountains (Allalin, Monte Moro among others) probably came into being at this time and still now recall this era.

700 years ago
Around 700 years ago, people began to migrate away from the Valais due to a lack of basic resources and the prospect of more freedom elsewhere, and many Saasonians left their home forever. They headed over the mountain passes to Italy to make their home in the harsh high-altitude settlements of Macugnaga and Antronapiana. In the centuries that followed the Saas Valley was ravaged by storms, floods, disease and war (for example, the Napoleonic Wars). Despite these difficult conditions, the hardy inhabitants that had remained in the area carried on their traditions and made the valley into a home and a place for relaxation, contemplation and well-being.
Start of tourism
At the beginning of the 19th century, more people began visiting the Saas Valley and tourism became a regular source of income. The first small guesthouse opened in Saas-Grund in 1833 and was followed by the first proper hotel in 1856. At that time, the developing tourist infrastructure was mainly geared towards the needs of mountaineers. Blacksmiths specialising in the production of ice picks opened, and locals shared their knowledge of the region by working as guides for those climbing the surrounding 4,000 metre peaks and others looking to discover the valley’s flora and fauna.

First guest in winter

By the middle of the 18th century, almost all the region’s 4,000 metre peaks had been conquered and in 1849 Father Johann Joseph Imseng made his first attempts at skiing on home-made skis. He made quick progress and, by the start of the 20th century, the first ski clubs in the area had been established. After that, tourism developed in leaps and bounds. Although the road between Saas-Grund and Saas-Fee was only built in 1951, there was no problem getting to the glacier village before then – guests and their luggage were simply transported with mules. Despite the multitude of external influences of the years, many of the valley’s deeply embedded traditions and customs remain intact. These include folk music, festivals and the traditional homemade clothes worn on special occasions. Still today, there are lots of folk and musical groups that perform at the local festivals and processions.

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